June 5th through 22nd 2014

The Warehouse Gallery 


623 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY 11238


Joshua Zinder Architecture and Design                


Quilted City acts to unify the neighborhoods which bound the Atlantic Rail yards with the insertion of layered urban, public space in the center of the site, creating an active, open, and varied environment for the surrounding neighborhoods.  This is done by understanding and responding to the size and scale of its immediate context, by creating new green space and breezeways for all residents, and by relocating the Atlantic Terminal for the LIRR and subway to the west end of the site. The buildings of Quilted City are arranged in layers, the first of which defines the edge of the bounding blocks and mirrors the height of the buildings along Pacific and Dean streets.  A variety of commercial activities would occur at ground level and extend down to the concourse and tracks below, while the floors above are devoted to residences. As you move into the site, individual residential buildings of larger scales are placed in various locations, helping to mold a series of public spaces within the site.  The largest of these public spaces, matching in size with Times Square,aligns itself axially with the Barclay’s Arena and the proposed location of the Atlantic Terminal. The terminal was relocated to the development in order to animate the internal green space, to give it a constant source of life and movement.  People would be constantly coming and going from the site making this space not just a community asset, but also a gateway into Brooklyn and living room for the city. All of these elements together create a city within the city, and act as a nexus for the surrounding neighborhoods that not only adds life to the area, but also preserves views from the existing buildings and retains the scale of the immediate context.